I went through some pretty insane workouts on my way to the Olympics. Craig’s training is right up there with some of the toughest workouts I’ve ever done. His laid back and creative approach makes training more fun. He constantly changes things up, keeps it fresh and keeps you guessing. Most importantly for me he has a way of making you want success for yourself rather than trying to sell you something you don’t want to buy.

– Andrew Ford, 2012 Olympian 200m Individual Medley

Chantique 3

I’ve been training with Craig Tschirhart since the beginning of my swimming season in September of 2012. Although many of the exercises were those that I had done in the past, the focus on proper technique to something as seemingly simple as a squat paired with intense AMRAP circuits created a completely different dryland experience. I was also exposed to power and strength exercises that I never thought I would be doing. As a sprinter, explosive power is a requirement, but was never something I focused on in the weight room. With Craig, I am not only focusing on these things, but improving them, it is a great aspect to add to my training. As a sprinter any and all improvements can make a big difference when it comes down to hundredths of a second. The great combination of the above with Craig’s constant positive encouragement makes every workout a butt kicking blast you can be proud to have accomplished!

– Chantique Payne, 8-time CIS Championship Medalist

Becky 1

I have been working with Craig for almost a year now. Having worked with many trainers before, and as a personal trainer myself, I’ve never met someone so dedicated, so knowledgeable, and so able to produce incredible and dramatic results. I recommend Craig to anyone looking to lose weight, improve their sport, increase their strength exponentially using tried and true methods, and gain a new lease on life. You will meet with a success uncommon to most and will be able to perform heads and shoulders above the rest. With Craig’s infinite ability to tailor a program to your unique goals and needs, he is able to deliver results. In less than a year, Craig has helped me achieve:

  • An amazing 100 lbs fat loss (14 dress sizes and 50% decrease in body fat), which focused on helping me make permanent changes and adapting “clean eating” into a busy family life (with kids!);
  • Incredible gains in both strength and endurance, comparable to competative athletes (increased my vertical jump by 2 ft, decreased my 5km time by 10 minutes, and obtained a 200% weight improvement in all of the major olympic lifts);
  • A renewed vitality and positivity in the way I approach my workouts and life in general; 
  • Stamina to approach any new situation with the determination that it is achievable and not impossible;
  • And most importantly, a whole new approach to fitness and health that is much more than a number of the bathroom scale.

From the moment I began working with Craig, he blew me away (and continues to do so each time we training) with his knowledge of losing fat and more importantly how he could get me to lose the stubborn pounds that were slowing me down. I am now leaner and stronger than I have ever been! I am forever grateful!!

In April 2012, when I first started my journey with Craig (which is far from over), I believed I was a woman in dire need of a radical physical makeover and losing weight and working out would surely help me achieve that goal. Of course, when you are so desperate for change, you look for efficiencies and I thought that having a trainer would help me get there faster. When I first spoke with Craig in my initial consult I did not know how much he would change my life, but over a 12 month period, Craig’s consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, helped me retrain my attitude while I retrained my body. In a short time, I gained the confidence to walk into any fitness center and lift weights…facing the mirror. Craig instilled that confidence and quietly discovered the athlete in me that I never knew.

Thanks for all you have done for my life!!

Rebecca Innes


I am a 14 year old who has been playing football for 7 years.  I wanted to increase my performance while doing whatever it takes to prevent injury. It was suggested to me that I should do personal training with Craig because he understands what it takes to be a successful young athlete and if I gain strength I am less likely to incur injury. Craig introduced me to Crossfit style of training and since working with him I gained 35 pounds while increasing my endurance and explosiveness. He educates me on the importance a healthy diet, consisting of enough calories to fuel my workouts for optimum benefit. My numbers after just 2.5 months are 135# snatch, 295# deadlift, 275# squat, 170# bench press and 180# clean. Thanks Craig for all your encouragement and advice, I just know it’s going to pay off big time on the football field this season. 

Evan Brennan, Running Back, Guelph Bears

I am a dentist (and the mom of 4 kids). Thirty years of occupational muscle strain had resulted in back pain so severe that it was seriously affecting my quality of life and threatening my ability to function in my career. I had spent countless hours and thousands of dollars consulting with chiropractors, physiotherapists, physicians and sports medicine specialists. I have always been active and because I still had better than average range of motion and flexibility, no one believed that I had debilitating pain, or provided any form of lasting relief. I was frustrated, exhausted, and resigned to becoming increasingly limited in my ability to move without hurting.

Craig was recommended to me as someone with extensive theoretical and practical expertise in physical training, with specialized knowledge of spine mechanics. I was quite intimidated by the thought of a personal trainer, and in retrospect, wasted about a year working up the courage to call him. After a weekend in agony, I figured I had nothing to lose and made an appointment. Craig carefully listened to my history, and put me through some exercises to gauge my physical abilities and parameters. Then he put me to work. It was not easy. I sweated a lot. But, after two sessions with Craig, my back pain was almost completely gone. After 6 months of once a week training sessions, I can walk for miles, play squash, and do squats with 120 pounds on my shoulders. I can sleep through the night without waking up in pain. Craig has given me my life back. And, as an added bonus, I can see a waistline again.

Craig is knowledgeable, committed, and a really fun guy. He obviously practices what he preaches. He pushes me -to do things I never dreamed I could do at my age and with my history, but he also is mindful of my limitations on those days when I am not functioning at 100%. If something hurts, he shows me ways to make it better. As tired as I am after a session with Craig, I look forward to the next one. I am also really really proud of myself. Thanks, Craig. You have my undying gratitude and respect!

– Dr. Ludy Djaschenko

Sandy 1

Ask anyone who has known me for longer than 5 minutes and they will tell you what my true passion is, and that is leading a healthy active lifestyle. I lead by example with my own children and they too have developed the same strong commitment to eating healthy and staying active.

As a teen I played basketball, volleyball, hockey and track and field being my favorite as a long distance runner. As an adult, I’ve enjoyed running, cycling, aerobic classes, weight training; a very diverse program needless to say. I honestly thought I had reached my peek fitness level by 40. Then I met Craig Tschirhart and he introduced me to a whole new way of working out that pushed me harder and further than I thought possible with real results in less time. The style is unique and incorporates every aspect of what it takes for total fitness, cardio, strength and agility/mobility. Here I am 47 and feeling stronger and healthier than I did when I was 20.

– Sandy Brennan

Alisha 4

Working with Craig for the past 7 months has been a definite wakeup call! He brings a new meaning to working out. It is difficult, challenging and above all rewarding. After all why work out if you don’t want to work hard? One will only see results after putting forth the effort. With Craig, even at 5am he is able to provide a positive and judgement free environment and is always encouraging me to exceed my own expectations. There are times where I want to quit, but he constantly reminds me of why I’m doing this and why I shouldn’t be giving up so easily. As an athlete, I have been in the weight room prior, but this year Craig has helped me focus on technique and building power as well as strength. Being a sprinter, and mid-distance swimmer, it is important for me to master both of those skills at the highest level possible. Craig has definitely put his confidence in me, and I’m now able to put that same level of confidence in myself which, for me is really rewarding. This swim season has been my best yet, and the only component that has changed within my training schedule was Craig, so it is clear to see that he has had a significant impact on my performance this year, and for that, I thank him!

– Alisha Harricharan, Ontario University Athletics Female Athlete of the Week February 2013

Considerate and consideration are key in my relationship with Craig. As an individual with a few injuries back, knee, shoulder, (all mostly age related) limiting my ability to do a variety of normal activities, Craig understand this and changes things to suit me. Whenever I feel a problem possibly occurring I will ask for a change of the exercise and with a positive non judgmental attitude Craig will modify or change the program to suit my needs desires and limitations. His manner is very professional and understated rather than someone trying to overhype a situation unnecessarily.

Craig can always count, something I do very badly when I am being pushed to the next level. I just loose count but he keeps the goals in mind and checks to make sure it is not pushing me into dangerous territories while not letting slack off. When I am healthy he certainly pushes me far harder than I ever would myself. I know that is great for the long term big picture of my health and well being, but encouragement is sometimes needed to reach that point. His constant vigilance for proper style and technique for exercises to provide either the proper stretches to or safe strengthen exercises is definitely an asset. If I have gone too far, and damaged something than he will again modify the whole program to help me recover.

Knowledgeable with both many years of engineering, physical, medical, and body building training providing expertise without ever making you feel that you are just a rookie. For me it is helping in getting better which is the important issue. Having someone with these skills certainly gives you confidence to go to the next level.

– Martin Stocker, President Metalumen Mfg

I began training with Craig in January of 2012. I turned 50 at the end of April and did not want to get to this milestone in the condition I was in. This has not been easy, but it has been extremely effective. I look better and feel better than I have since I was 40. With Craig’s help and review of my eating plan I have also lost 21 lbs. He is very good at keeping the session interesting and challenging by changing the routines and working your entire body. When I say that I don’t think I can do something he always encourages me. His focus on injury free training in a relaxed atmosphere is unmatched in any other fitness program I have participated in. Craig’s enthusiasm for health and fitness is contagious and motivating.

– Jill Black PFP TD Waterhouse Financial Planning

I began training with Craig when I needed to reach a goal for a fitness test for admittance to school. Prior to training, not only had I never heard of crossfit, but I had never had success sticking to a fitness regime for an extended period of time.

Craig introduced me to a workout program that involved strength, endurance, cardio and flexibility-which empowered me to meet my goals and be continually surprised with my progress. Not only did he setup my training regime when I was with him in the gym, but he provided specific workouts that I could do on my own time, as well as advice on diet and protein supplements. Although I was initially skeptical and nervous when I began training, I found that when I committed myself, physically and mentally, to his fitness plan for me I experienced incredible results. I never felt like I was alone in my training.

After 2-3 months of training with Craig, not only did I meet my goals for the fitness test, but I’m setting new goals because I’m genuinely excited to get up and train everyday. I would highly recommend training with Craig to anyone who has had problems staying motivated in the gym, or who finds working out “boring” and “unchallenging”. I now feel empowered when walking into a gym, whether I’m with Craig or not.

– Brittany Martin

I have learned so much training with Craig. He was able to give me a new fitness challenge that I had not had the opportunity to try before, and I do not believe I would have been given by any other trainer. His knowledge and his patience made training something I would look forward to every week. He knew when to challenge me and when I was doing my best. There really are not enough kind words that I can say about Craig as a trainer. He helped me regain a lot of confidence, feel good about myself, and get me excited to go to the gym for once. He’s an inspiration, a fantastic trainer, and I recommend him highly.

– Stephanie Ziegler

I am delighted to recommend Craig as a personal trainer. I worked with Craig for three months before my wedding. I had worked with a trainer before but my work with Craig was so much more effective. His exercises were always challenging and imaginative. And just when my body was getting used to one routine, he changed them up. He completely reshaped my body-he worked every muscle. Along the way he taught me about general good health and nutrition. A couple of times, I suffered injuries. Craig worked around them so that I didn’t have to miss any sessions, I had a pretty tight deadine, and introduced new exercises which helped repair those injuries and prevented future injuries. I was always pleased with the results!

– Alix Greene

I started one on one training with trainer Craig Tschirhart December 07, 2011. In the past I would go to the gym for a few months and quite. Working with Craig over 7 months now with his expert Training and Nutrition tips I have lost 30lbs and kept it off. Craig has pushed me very gradually with various weight & cardio exercises and brought me to be a healthy fit person that I did not believe I could accomplish. I have had knee replacement surgery and Craig has me performing many different squats including dead lift squats with up to 205lbs of weight. I’m a golfer and can now squat to line up my putts which I have not been able to do since 1984. I am only seeing Craig once a week but I wish I could afford to see him 2 or 3 times a week and I believe I would be very buff. I would recommend Craig to anyone at the YMCA Guelph. Craig has become my trainer, friend and cheerleader to push me to succeed with my fitness & weight loss goals.

– Brad Boyd, Total Knee Replacement Recipient

As part of my recovery treatment resulting from a car accident in 2007, I was awarded the opportunity to train with Craig Tschirhart in Guelph over the better part of 2011.

Craig was encouraging and realistic about my goal setting when dealing with my injuries. He used his personal knowledge and experiences when suggesting exercises and stretches to enable my abilities to maximum capacity. He also promoted healthy eating habits before and after workout sessions. I appreciated being educated by someone who is such a motivated individual.

Thank you Craig!

– Brenda Miller

Training with Craig has been a great experience! He has increased my strength ability to a level I didn’t think was possible. I’m so grateful for the results.

Thanks Craig

Frances Fonte, Personal Trainer at Vitality Fitness

I started training with Craig before my trip to Cuba. I asked him to give me a program to see some results pretty quickly. He gave me a challenging work out but I did see the results I was looking for by the time my trip came. I later convinced my roommate to make an appointment with Craig and just as myself, she was nothing less than happy with his work out. Craig is very specific determining what you wish to see, your health and ability when working out, your availability to ensure your work out will show results with the amount of time you are able to devote to working out and any concerns or questions. I am very impressed with how Craig not only shows you how to properly complete your personal program but is also readily available if you need help with anything along the way. I continue to recommend to my peers to make an appointment with Craig. Craig has been great thus far and I look forward to further working out with him.

– Alisha Kitchen

In the previous year I had a broken wrist and was a little discouraged in my ability to get anything out of my workout. At the gym Craig was easily approachable so I initially asked him a few questions of what I could do and in turn he ended up motivating me with a challenging lower body workout that made me want to keep going despite my limitations.

Now that my wrist has healed I have a new custom workout from Craig. Throughout our initial meeting he showed me exactly how the mode of exercise should look like and really encouraged me to keep trying at one in particular that I found difficult to accomplish, giving me an alternative to it if I really needed it.

It has been great working with Craig and his workout programs has shown me the importance of having to challenge your body to get your desired results.

– Meagan Nightingdale

Over the course of the last couple of months I began training with Craig in Guelph. Because of school and lab work I had lost time for my regular workout routine and thought that getting a trainer would give me the boost I needed to get back into it. To begin, Craig showed me the importance of setting personal goals and expectations. He was then able to provide me with a fitness plan that suited those goals and was realistic for my busy schedule. Craig not only taught me various exercises and techniques appropriate for certain muscle groups, but educated me about the importance of diet and recovery days in order to maintain a balanced lifestyle. By teaching me the fundamentals of a good workout, I was able to take Craig’s instruction and continue to modify my goals as I met them.

When specific exercises were found to aggravate my past wrist injuries or were found to simply be ineffective, Craig was flexible and able to suggest alternatives. This was very beneficial and the regular addition of different exercises meant that workouts never got boring! Craig’s warm, energetic personality is extremely motivating and makes him easily approachable. Working with Craig has been a positive experience for me and I’ve seen the results I was looking for! Thanks!

– Kristina Mikloska

During the times I have trained with Craig and discussed personal fitness goals and current workout routines he has always been very encouraging and insightful. Craig has an understanding of fitness that is not just theoretical but always provides demonstrations and helps to encourage proper technique and training practices. His kind nature and genuine interest in health and fitness are evident and make conversations at the gym an enjoyable part of the “gym experience”. He has helped me by providing me with routines, nutrition information, and often tells me about new cross fit challenges or other workout related challenges to encourage performance and self esteem. Without hesitation I would recommend others to train with him and seek his advice. It is my opinion, that a personal trainer is not just a “trainer” but is someone who actively strives to accomplish the same goals as others of health, fitness, nutrition, and I believe Craig exemplifies this.

– Silas Stewart