We firmly believe in establishing proper technique to allow our athletes to safely improve their fitness. Those new to CrossFit will start in our foundations program. This program is designed to familiarize you with the functional lifts and prepare you for the movements incorporated in our daily programming. There are two streams to our foundations program.

Stream 1: Personal Training $200 + HST

Our personal training stream consists of 5 one-on-one sessions with one of our certified coaches. This is scheduled based on your availability. Click here to sign up.

Stream 2: Group Training $150 + HST

12 sessions with other new athletes over six weeks of progressive instructional bootcamp style classes. Classes are currently running on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7pm. Note, registration for our December session is now closed. Our next group session begins in the new year. Click here to sign up.

Experienced CrossFitters may sign up for our regular program here.