Congrats to our Athlete of the Month for September, Rebecca Hodges!

Rebecca started training with us in our bootcamp classes in fall 2013. Shortly thereafter, she joined our regular CrossFit program and has become fitter and fitter ever since. 

Over the years she has trained in our CrossFit, Bootcamp, Football, and Weightlifting classes. Rebecca’s hard work and dedication has really helped round her out as an athlete. Not only does Rebecca have one of the best cardiovascular engines in the gym, she is also one of our stronger athletes with a 300lb Deadlift.

Despite Rebecca’s success in CrossFit, she remains one of our most modest and approachable athletes. She has been a great community member and an inspiration since starting at Royal City four years ago. 

Congratulations Rebecca, keep up the great work! 

As recipient of Athlete of the Month, Rebecca will receive a one-month unlimited membership and a supplement prize pack courtesy of AJ Campbell of Body Systems.