Congrats to our Athlete of the Month for July, Simon Beres!

Simon started training with us at Royal City in January 2016. He spent a few months in our Bootcamp classes to work on his cardio and later jumped into our regular CrossFit classes and has made steady fitness gains ever since.

Simon has steadily been getting stronger. He started our most recent PR week with a bang, hitting new bests in his Back Squat at 335lb and his Snatch at 155lb! This past February, he registered for his first CrossFit Open, had a great debut, and he continues to get better every day.

Simon always arrives with a smile, always works hard, and always inspires others to to reach new levels of fitness. He has truly been a great addition to our CrossFit family. 

Congratulations Simon!

As Athlete of the Month, Simon is the recipient of a supplement prize pack courtesy of AJ & our friends at Body Systems, as well as a one-month unlimited membership at RCCF.