Congratulations to our March Athlete of the Month, Alicia Newell! 

Alicia started training with us in our CrossFit Light program last April to help rehabilitate her knee, following a sports-related ACL tear. Despite training with the Light Crew, who are mostly 30-40 years her senior, Alicia’s infectious personality fit right in with the rest of the crew. 

As her leg strength and stability improved, Alicia made the move into our regular CrossFit program and has made steady progress with her fitness ever since. She has gradually increased her training volume to a peak in March, where she logged an impressive 31 hours of training! 

She participated in the 2017 CrossFit Open and finished in an impressive top 10% in the scaled division world-wide. 

In addition to her athletic feats, Alicia’s sense of humour and good-natured personality have been an incredible addition to Royal City. She is honestly one of the funniest humans on earth, she is a pleasure to coach, and makes every class 50% more fun for everyone. 

Alicia, thank you for your hard work and for helping to make our Royal City community great! 

As with all of our athletes of the Month, Alicia is the recipient of a 1-month Unlimited membership, as well as a prize pack courtesy of AJ Campbell of Body Systems in Guelph.