Hey guys congrats to everyone who competed in the open this year!

Here are the weekly winners…

Thomas McAusland 15:24
Alice Kennedy 16:30

Brock Mount 175 reps
Christine Gibson 83

Jake Domm 107 reps
Christine Gibson 81 reps

Kaleb Peterson 209 reps
Alice Kennedy 193 reps

Kaleb Peterson 10:38
Alice Kennedy 12:19

Each winner receives a prize pack from AJ at Body Systems as well as a pack from Purity Life. Big thanks to AJ, Matthew, and Julie for your support!

Big shout out to the judges, Brock, Jake, Danielle, Madé, Devin, and Thomas who put in the extra time to help out with the athletes.

Thanks to everyone who came out to show support during the workouts. It was always a great crowd and a cool reminder of how amazing our Royal City community is! You guys are incredible!