Without Further Ado, our yearly Crossfitties

Most Hilarious T-shirt Slogans: Natasha Tremblay

Most Social Media posts: Jason South

Most Likely to be CrossFitting at 3am: Matthew James & Julie Drapeau

Most Likely Female to Outlift Every Male in Class: Christine Gibson

Most Likely to Transform into a Human Pretzel: Christine Ho

Most Likely to Make Friends with You on Your First Day: Bailey McMeans

Most Likely to PR a WOD Twice in the Same Day: Steve Goetz

Most Likely to Give You a Killer Core Workout During Small Talk: Alicia Newell

Most Likely to Bike to the Gym in a Snowstorm: Rebecca Hodges

Child Whisperer: Danielle Stafford

Most Likely Mom to Outlift Your Dad: Christa Aljoe

Most Likely to Recruit His Entire Staff to Royal City CrossFit: Hudson Smith

Noon Crew Captain: Chris Wilson

Most Likely to Lend a Tool You Didn’t Know Existed: Bernie Perry

Congratulations to our repeat winners…

The Iron Athlete Award: Emily Erison

Loudest lifter: Christine Gibson

Best chirper: Greg Wand

And big shout out to our three-peat winners…

Most likely to miss the warmup: Dan Vitale

LEAST likely to sign in to the correct class: Pat Padovan

Most likely to sleep-burpee: Lauren Jarvis

Thanks for another great year everyone! Here is to a great 2017, full of PRs!