Hey folks!

Most of you have heard the buzz around the gym regarding the CrossFit open so I just wanted to pass on some info regarding the open.

First off you don’t have to be a prospective games athlete to participate. Yes, the workouts are challenging but they are very doable for the vast majority of you guys. It is really fun event aimed at bringing us all closer to the entire CrossFit community. There are five workouts in five successive weeks.

The first Workout will be announced Thursday February 25 at 8pm. CrossFit headquarters does a live announcement of the workout with some of the top athletes performing the workout live. We will be showing this live at the box each week. You are all cordially invited!

For those participating in the open you will perform the workout with one of our coaches as a judge. You will sign in for your open workout the same as you would for a regular class. There will be two blocks of time to choose from at 15min intervals:

Friday 8-10pm
Saturday 2:45-4:45pm

Note that the workout will begin at the start of your time block so you will be expected to be warmed up and ready to go by that time.

We will have at least one therapist (massage/chiro/AT) on hand to help with tissue and movement prep.

The top performers for each week will be given a prize pack from Body Systems.

To register, click here.

You will have up until the open announcement to register but it would help us greatly for planning purposes if you could register as soon as possible.

For those who are not participating we still strongly suggest that you come out and support your fellow athletes. Friends and family welcome as well. We had a great turnout last year and we are hoping for an even bigger crowd this year!

It’s open season, let’s get amped!!