With 2015 coming to a close, it is time to break out our third annual membership awards.

Without further ado, I give you the 2015 Royal City CrossFitties…


Most likely to limbo underneath a car: Brent Wilhelm

Most likely to take 20 minutes to load a barbell: Matt Kraner

Most likely to deadlift a school bus: Jason South

Most likely to row a concept 2 across the entire length of the gym during a 500m row: Matthew James

Most likely to wear crossfit socks to a wedding: Chris Wilson

Most likely to do a WOD on no sleep: Tyler Hodgson

Most likely to NEVER wear a shirt: Dave Robinson

Best CrossFit-related social media posts: Natasha Tremblay

Most likely to recruit their entire extended family to join the gym: Gabriela Pizziola

Most likely to be hitting PRs into her 80s: Christa Aljoe

Most likable athlete: Bailey McMeans

Warrior award: Deb Schmidt

The Iron Athlete Award: Emily Erison

Loudest lifter: Christine Gibson

Sweatiest lifter: Jason Romey

Best chirper: Greg Wand


Congrats to these folks on their back-to-back titles…

Most likely to miss the warmup: Dan Vitale

LEAST likely to sign in to the correct class: Pat Padovan

Most likely to sleep-burpee: Lauren Jarvis

Most likely to wear their CrossFit swag to the office: Julie Drapeau

LEAST likely to miss a social event: Andge Horezcy

Most hilarious T-Shirt slogans: Tara Jones


Congrats everyone!!

On behalf of all of us at Royal City CrossFit, thanks very much to everyone for the support. You have helped turn this into our best year yet.

Wishing you all the best in 2016!!