Hey all.

After receiving some requests, we have some schedule changes in the works starting November 1…

1. Cardio/bootcamp style class MWF 7pm

This class would run in the main area of the gym with a second coach, with non-barbell movements. Olympic Lifting  will take place at its usual time on the lifting platform.

2. CrossFit Kids Tuesdays at 4:15-5pm

This would be open to 6-12 years-olds. Pricing and other details to follow!

3. Gymnastics Sundays at 12pm

This class will be similar to previous Gymnastics classes. Essentially it will give an opportunity to work on functional bodyweight movements.

4. CrossFit Football at 5pm MWF

These classes are similar to our CrossFit classes, with more emphasis on strength, agility, and developing anaerobic capacity.

We are doing our best to accommodate everyone’s interest. If you have any questions or feedback just let one of your coaches know.