Congratulations to our August athlete of the month, Amy Smith!

Amy is a PhysEd teacher and former varsity basketball player who started training at Royal City in September last year. At the time, she had great mobility and showed good promise as a crossfitter.

When she first started training with us, Amy’s raw strength was a sticking point as she had little experience with weight training. Her first few weeks she struggled to squat an empty barbell. A year later, Amy has now a 95lb overhead squat, a 95lb bench press, and she started to complete workouts at prescribed weight. Her progress is a testament to her hard work, patience, and coachability.

In addition to her athletic accomplishments, Amy continues to bring a terrific attitude with her every day. She is extremely welcoming and friendly to everyone. She is a true inspiration to anyone looking to improve their fitness.

Amy, thanks for being a great presence and congratulations for being our athlete of the month for August!