Congratulations to our June Athlete of the Month, Bailey McMeans!

Bailey is a competitive climber who started training with us in November last year. She had a solid fitness base when she joined as she is quite strong, mobile, and has great body awareness. She has made major strides since starting at Royal City. She is now proficient at all major bodyweight movements that we coach (handstand pushups, butterfly pullups, handstand walks, muscle-ups, etc). Her Olympic lifts have improved across the board, including a 105lb snatch. Her combination of focus, hard work, and coachability allow her to  continue to improve her fitness on a daily basis.

As great an athlete as Bailey is, her personality is what truly makes her such a great presence at the box. She is funny, humble, thoughtful, supportive, and incredibly welcoming to everyone who walks through the door. She exemplifies the image we aspire to portray at Royal City CrossFit.

Thanks for all you do Bailey. You have helped make Royal City a better place each and every day. Congratulations on being our athlete of the month for June!