Just a heads up guys.

We are starting to see more people not signing in, not arriving on time, or not arriving at all. We have some classes that are hitting capacity. If you are not signing in or arriving late, it is not fair to athletes who are signing in and arriving on time. Arriving late cuts into your warmup and we don’t want to see any get hurt because they are not physically prepared for the workout.

So, the burpee/donation penalty comes into effect today and will work as follows…

Late for class = 20 burpees or $2 charitable donation (cause TBD, suggestions welcome)

Not signed in for class = 20 burpees or $2 donation

Signed in but not attending = 30 burpees or $3 donation

Note that anyone who is not at the gym changed and ready to train by the class start time is considered late.

We realize that things happen (traffic, work running late, etc). However, arriving late is really not fair to athletes who are regularly signing in and arriving on time, and it is not safe to be working out without a full warmup.

So, let’s please do our best to sign in and arrive on time (ideally 5-10min early).